OTT Solution

Horizon provides you with a very cost-effective end to end solution with real business benefits by using our experience, expertise and employing the latest technology for which we are so well known in this market. We have offered you our latest platform for your different business needs. Our platform is capable of the following:

Content Acquisition

This platform provides the complete end to end solution from the satellite dishes with all the accessories to the receiving of the signal through professional receivers and decoders.

Compression & Transcoding

Our platform provides the highest quality video for OTT applications. Compression algorithms have been optimized to maximize SD & HD video quality at the extremely low bit rates required by most OTT deployments. MFEL encoder’s ultra-efficient performance ensures to deliver the best end user quality of experience.

Adaptive Streaming for OTT, ability to encode a video streaming into different bitrates and resolutions in order to cope with the bandwidth variations.

VOD , Packaging & Streaming

This is an integrated solution which provides file- based transcoding solution, specifically tuned for compelling premium services such as video On-Demand (VOD) and catch-up TV over a full range of devices. Packaging and streaming can be handled through this platform.

It also provisions the encryption of the content in conjunction with Security platform.

OTT Platform Middleware, Client Apps

OTT Platform is a Software which provides an end-to-end & flexible OTT solution to Services providers. It combines Entertainment (Live TV & VOD), Home Security and Home Automation in a single app and backend Middleware system to enable service providers to offer a differentiated OTT service offering.

The platform provides content management capabilities for Live TV, Radio channels and VOD content provides a simple user interface for operation & Management. In addition, it can seamlessly integrate with any Existing or third party content management platform for advanced CMS functionality

Subscriber Management

This system is responsible of maintaining subscriber- specific data, such as channel maps, group memberships, purchase and billing events, and provisioned devices. It also exposes OSS/BSS APIs for creation and manipulation of subscriber data, including account/device provisioning and subscriber group membership.


The purpose of this system is to provide authentication and authorization for the following clients to be authenticated in the system:

  • STBs
  • OTT devices
  • Operator Portal users

Additionally, this subsystem manages content encryption and facilitates business logic-rules to be injected into content licenses.

Client Application platform/Operator Portal

Provides access to a single interface to manage the platform through a Portal as well as provides access to Various sub systems under a single window.

Analytics & Reporting

The platform collects information from clients and produces pre-configured analytics reports with statistical information about usage, assets, servers, subscribers, events, and performance.

This system also provides a reporting interface to explore trending behaviors in the content, clients, and services.