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FM TX Solutions

FM Transmitter Solution comprises of Main and Backup Transmitters with automatic changeover through coaxial switch , Through-Line Power Meter for final power output measurement, Dummy Load for the testing and measurement purpose and Coaxial components for interconnection of the transmitter system. The final output from the switch goes to the RF antenna via RF feeder cable. PI Rack is also mandatory requirement at FM Transmitter location , PI Rack consisting various equipment like Audio Codec for studio transmitter link, Silence detector for auto-changeover between two codec output during failure, Audio Processor for input level control and improve audio quality, Modulation Monitor for measuring percentage of modulation, CD Player for emergency backup, Audio monitor for monitoring uplink/downlink audio, FM tuner for monitoring downlink audio . Horizon Broadcast is eminent for its customer support which makes us highly preferable and reliable broadcast suppliers in the FM Industry.

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