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Power Solutions

Tall tubular batteries are robust and proven technology batteries, ideal for use in all standby, deep cycling and shallow cycling applications that require high levels of reliability. They are designed and manufactured according to relevant standards.

Lithium Iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are a type of lithium ion (Li-Ion) rechargeable battery. Their benefits over the more traditional cobalt-based Li-Ion batteries are increased power output, faster charging, reduced weight and longer lifetime.

Inbulit Lithium Battery Solar Inverter packs are a perfect match for various applications covering energy systems and solar energy storage. Our product comes with high precision protection circuit board making us the best.Our Battery Management System (BMS) is known for its performance and is rated as the highest in the industry.
The internal BMS in our battery packs also limits discharge and manages cut-off voltage, to further protect the internal cells which result in longer use.

Voltenergi Sinewave Inverters are smart, affordable and provide an attractive design. It can run high intensive appliances very easily and other great features, and best in its category. Highly efficient and high switching speed MOSFET based Technology, Intelligently Controlled Smart PFC Charger, Powerful PCB Concept based design.

Voltenergi Solar Power Conditioning Unit is designed to give priority to the Solar Power and uses Grid/DG Power only when the Solar Power/ Battery Charge is insufficient to meet the load requirements.

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