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Quasi Sinewave (with LED Display)

Models : VEQSW

Available Range : 700VA/12V to 2200VA/24V

Features :

  • Elegant Designer looks.
  • PFC Technology : Built-in energy saver.
  • Oscillation Charging system reduces your bills.
  • Best Cooling fan inside for better efficiency & longer life.
  • Temperature Sensor : Shutdown the UPS at High temperature.
  • High Frequency Technique used to avoid computer rebooting.
  • Charge any Battery : Branded/Non-Branded/Tubular/Flat Plat or SMF.
  • Automatic Charging : Set charging cut off voltage & current as per power cut duration & age of the battery.
  • Gravity Profile Management (GPM) Technology : Suitable for New/Old battery.

DSP Based Pure Sinewave Inverter ( with LCD Display)

Models : VEDSW

Available Range : 700VA/12V to 10KVA/120V

Features :

  • Pure sine wave output
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based
  • Elegant Digital Display with all parameters
  • Short circuit protection
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Intelligent battery charger
  • Selectable battery charging current
  • Selectable UPS / INV mode
  • Auto restart facility (INV mode)
  • Completely Noiseless Operation
  • Powerful Charging even during very low voltage.
  • Precise Auto Thermal management and protection.
  • Fastest protection (Almost all) to make rugged and enhance product life.

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