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DSNG Antenna

With Vislink products you’ll never miss a moment. Designed to work in the most extreme environments, they feature the latest in video communication and transmission technology, so no matter where you are or what you’re doing you’ll always leave with high quality video data.

Motorized 1.5m & 1.8m Antenna
Compact 2.4m motorised satellite terminal
Highly compact integrated motorised satellite antenna
Highly compact motorised satellite terminal
The Vislink AirPro is a two-axis motorized driveaway antenna

Flyaway Antenna

The Mantis range is multi-band Flyaway Antenna solution ideally suited to the worldwide SNG market. The lightweight carbon fiber feed arm houses two independent waveguide runs from the rear of the hub to the feed cartridge enabling multiband operation by feed cartridge substitution.

Multi-band Flyaway Antenna solution
Man-portable satellite antenna system
Motorized Mantis MSAT
Motorised flyaway antenna


The ASC5000 is a compact half rack width 1RU Redundancy Controller used to provide switching of the signal path on failure of the units monitored within a SNG Uplink Chain. When used in Redundant SNG Flyaway systems the ASC5000 half rack-width size integrates with the other 5000 series system components to enable use of the AFD500x lightweight half width flight cases for all system components keeping system complexity and weight to a minimum.

Compact system controller

Transmitter & Receiver

Compact 4k multi-format, multi-channel exciter
HD/SD IP capable exciter for SNG and ENG.
4K UHD HEVC Integrated Receiver Decoder
Compact Integrated Receiver Decoder
Lightweight, compact block upconverter
Compact SHF protection switch

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